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Judging is now underway.
Stay tuned for the 2014 Shortlist, to be announced in mid-February!
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  • 1. competition dates & fees

    • Open for entries: 01 August, 2013
      Deadline to enter: 06 January, 2014

      Entry fees:

      • Single or Campaign, $795 USD
        Enter by 15 September and save 10% with code SA2014

      IMPORTANT: All fees must be paid in full before entries will be eligible for judging. Payment must be received within 7 days of submitting your entries or they will be withdrawn from the competition.

      A separate fee is applicable for each category selection. If you are submitting more than one entry, send only one payment for the total amount of all of entry fees. Your shipping costs, insurance, customs duties, and bank transfer fees are your responsibility. We do not charge media handling fees, sales tax, or VAT taxes.

      Preferred payment types: Visa, MasterCard, or AMEX.
      Credit card fees: American Express, 2.5% of total order; MC and Visa, 1.5 %.
      Bank transfer fees: You must prepay all of your bank's transfer fees. An additional fee of $35 USD will be added to your grand total to cover intermediary transfer fees.

      Your invoice number and our bank transfer information will be available to you prior to checkout, and you’ll be able to print your invoice for your accounting department. Once the transfer is executed, get the bank transfer number from your accounting department, enter the number in the space provided in the checkout form, and complete the entry process.

      Refunds: Entry fees will only be refunded within 14 days of submission. A $100 fee will be charged to cover administrative costs. No refunds will be made once judging begins, but entries will be withdrawn from the judging schedule.

      For more information, call +1 (212) 643.4800 or email us.

  • 2. eligibility

    • All entries must be executed between October 1, 2012 and December 31, 2013. You may not enter a campaign that has been entered in past AME Awards, even if it did not achieve award status.

  • 3. judging, regions & awards

    • The Jury

      The AME Awards International Grand Jury consists of top interactive and multidisciplinary marketers, media planners, strategy directors, social media experts, and creatives who donate their time and expertise to the competition.
      View the 2013 Grand Jury here.

      The Judging Process

      Entries are judged in three rounds against high standards of creative execution and marketing effectiveness. Creative executions, details from the written marketing brief, and the overall presentation of the work are taken into consideration; outside sources for evidence of results is of key importance.

      Round 1: The Shortlist

      Judges review entries from within their own regions and score each based on its own merit, not in comparison with other entries. This round determines the Shortlist.

      Round 2: The Medals & Green Award

      All Shortlist entries are scored again, also by region and based on their own merits. This round determines the Bronze, Silver, and Gold winners for each region; the AME Green Award is presented to the highest scoring Gold-winning campaign that represents the ideals of resource conservation, ecology and/or the reduction of negative impacts to the environment.

      Round 3: The Platinums & Grand Award

      All Gold-winning work is scored by all judges in all regions. A Platinum Award is presented to the top-scoring entry in each region, regardless of category.

      Note: An entry must win a Gold medal to qualify for a Platinum Award. If there are no Gold winning entries in a particular region, no Platinum Award will be awarded for that region. The Grand AME Award will be presented to the campaign that earns the highest score across all regions in this round.

      The regions:

      • North America
      • Latin America
      • Europe
      • Asia Pacific
      • Middle East & Africa

      Note: If there are not enough entries received from a particular region to merit a full judging session, those entries will be added to the judging session for the nearest region.

  • 4. scoring

    • Judges are asked to evaluate each entry based on 4 specific criteria, each weighted according to importance:

      • Results & Effectiveness – 30%
      • Idea – 25%
      • Execution – 25%
      • Challenge/Strategy/Objectives – 20%
  • 5. submission of entries

    • The entry process is divided into 6 stages:

      1. cover page
      2. category selection
      3. case brief
      4. supporting materials
      5. credits
      6. review & checkout (in 4 parts)

      A few helpful tips as you go through the process:

      • You can navigate through the 6 different steps of the entry form with the banner at the top of the form.
      • Click “save & continue” to proceed to the next step.
      • Click “save & finish later” to continue at a later time. Your unfinished entry will be in your cart when you log back in.
      • All fields throughout the form are required unless otherwise indicated.
      • There's a lot of helpful info in the Rules & Regulations; we recommend reading through it before you start.

      IMPORTANT: The AME Awards continues to uphold the highest standards for entry integrity and has long been aware so-called “scam campaigns”—campaigns that were either never published or were published without the full knowledge and consent of the client. Our Scamguard system requires jury members to flag suspicious ads and include comments in support of their doubt of its authenticity. Every flagged entry will be investigated; should the evidence prove the ad to be a scam, the ad will be disqualified, and the people listed in the credits of entering company will be barred from entering our competitions for a period of five years.

      step 1: cover page

      Tell us the basics about your campaign.

      All fields are required unless otherwise indicated

      • entry title
      • brand name
      • product/service type
      • advertiser
      • advertising agency
      • country of entry
      • creative director
      • creative director email

      step 2: category selection

      You may enter this campaign into more than one category using this one form. A separate entry fee for each category is required. Select all categories in which you wish to enter this campaign. See section 6, “Categories,” for a full list.

      step 3: case brief

      This is where you get into the details of your entry—everything from the nuts and bolts to the grand plans and glorious results.

      As per the jury’s request, your long-form answers should be no more than 150 words. Be clear and concise, think about what a judge really needs to know to score your entry fairly, and include independent sources for your results. All fields are required unless otherwise indicated.

      would you like to keep the contents of this case brief confidential?

      Check the box in the online entry system and your entry will not be published or showcased and will only be seen by competition staff and judges.

      campaign start date • campaign end date

      All entries must be executed between October 1, 2012 and December 31, 2013.

      campaign description

      Give us a top-level description of your campaign.

      • new product launch
      • brand rejuvenation
      • brand or line extension
      • brand repositioning or restaging
      • market expansion (by category or region)
      • target expansion (to build incremental volume)
      • corporate identity building
      • multi-segment chain-value marketing
      • other (please offer specifics)

      campaign cost

      How much did you spend on your campaign, from brief to execution?

      • low-budget (under $100,000)
      • $100,000-$1 million
      • $1-5 million
      • $5-10 million
      • $10-25 million
      • over $25 million

      campaign scope

      If your campaign is international, indicate whether it’s in a standardized format (meaning the executions did not change when the campaign crossed national boundaries, except for perhaps language) or an international core campaign (meaning the campaign was based on a set of core concepts and adapted to different demographic and cultural groups).

      campaign summary

      Tell us about the campaign, including important aspects considered in its conception, and its accomplishments. If your entry earns a place on the AME Awards Shortlist, this summary will be used in the Winners Showcase, so do not include any confidential information.

      marketing context

      Specify the language, cultural, and political sensitivities considered as well as market conditions for this product or service. For international campaigns, indicate how cultural variations impacted the marketing and communication strategies. Be clear about the place in the life cycle of this campaign, product or service occupied within its marketplace. Indicate if this is a first-time campaign, an adjustment to an existing campaign, or an addition to a previous campaign.

      target audience

      Be specific: age, gender, religion, national, and ethnic groupings. Be sure to include why you chose those audiences.

      campaign planning

      Describe the thoughts, ideas, and disciplines used as you mapped out the marketing and communication strategy of your campaign.

      marketing & media strategy

      Specify the marketing, advertising, and media strategies used. Include examples of how the target audience, campaign objectives, and marketing situations influenced the choices, and why you expected these strategies to achieve your desired results. Tell us which media were used, and why. If your media choice differed by target audience, provide the context for each use.

      creative executional strategy

      Explain the creative approach taken in crafting the various executions. What insights or understandings of the market or the brand led you to approach your objectives with this strategy for your target audience? What was the specific impression or image you desired for the execution?

      evidence of results

      Clearly state the campaign’s accomplishments and describe the most impressive results in terms of the set objectives. Be specific in tying the results to these objectives, as well as to your strategies (marketing and communications, media, and creative) and targets. Indicate the effect of the media choice, if any, on the intended results. Tell us what would you do again, what you wouldn’t, and why.

      IMPORTANT: This section is very important to the judges, and an area they repeatedly cite as lacking. Provide brief but convincing documentation, citing independent evidence wherever possible. You may index your evidence of sales results, if you wish.

      other awards (optional)

      In what other competitions has this campaign earned awards?

      step 4: support materials

      We recommend uploading all supporting material for your entry directly to our server, except for collateral entries as noted in section 9, “Technical Guidelines.” Files larger than 2 gigs can be uploaded to our FTP server.

      You have 2 choices for uploading your support material:

      1. You can upload your pieces from within the entry process at the end of Step 1.
      2. You can wait until after you checkout, and add your pieces later using the upload link you'll get with your invoice.

      Both methods will upload the supporting material for your entry directly to our server.

      IMPORTANT: Please upload case videos first!

      You may enter up to 6 pieces in support of your entry—a case video (strongly recommended), PDFs of print executions, commercial spots, media coverage, whatever you have that will help the judges better understand your campaign and its effectiveness. If your support materials were in a language other than English, a translation is required. A transcript in English of all audio files is required.

      Hint: If you really feel strongly that the judges need to see more than 6 executions from your campaign, try bundling the same types of material together—for example, put all print ads in 1 PDF, and that will count as 1 piece; 2, 30-second spots in the same .mov will count as 1 piece.

      Please see section 9, “Technical Guidelines,” for important information about formats and uploading your support materials.

      step 5: assign credits

      We recognize the amount of work that must be done when entering awards competitions, and that entering your credits along with preparing the creative for submission can be very time consuming and frustrating. To alleviate some of the workload, you are not required to provide additional credit information as part of the entry process. Only entries that reach Shortlist status will be required to enter additional information (names and titles of the people and or companies associated with the creation of the work) so that the entire team can be recognized on the web, in publications, in press releases, on our website, and in our showcasing venues.

      Please see section 10, “Credits,” for formatting guidelines and more information.

      step 6: review & checkout (in 4 parts)

      All payments should be made out to INTERNATIONAL AWARDS GROUP. We must receive payment within 7 days of entering in order to process your entry or it will be withdrawn from the competition.

      part I

      Please review your entry carefully. If you find any errors, you can make edits here.

      part II

      Here you'll see each of your entries with subtotals and a grand total. You can edit or delete entries from here.

      part III

      Please give us your billing and payment information.

      part IV

      Please confirm your order. Once you click "confirm & process your order," you'll see a printable version of your invoice, a copy of which will also be sent to your email.

  • 6. categories

    • products & services

        1. PS01 automotive (cars, motorcycles, RVs, parts, repairs, tires, accessories, fuel)
        2. PS02 beverages, alcoholic (beer, wine, hard liquor)
        3. PS03 beverages, non-alcoholic (juice, soda, coffee, energy drinks)
        4. PS04 business-to-business (human resources, recruitment, skills assessment, accounting, technical support)
        5. PS05 children & teen (services, social media sites, outreach)
        6. PS06 corporate (image, information, recruitment, rebranding, internal communications)
        7. PS07 education (brick-and-mortar or online programs; language classes, instructional sessions)
        8. PS08 electronics, business machines (copiers, fax machines, telecommunications systems)
        9. PS09 electronics, consumer (phones, digital cameras, televisions, personal computers, MP3 players)
        10. PS10 entertainment / event promotion (concerts, parties, street fairs, cultural programs)
        11. PS11 financial services (banks, insurance, investment)
        12. PS12 food, non-retail (grocery items, baby food, snacks, confections)
        13. PS13 food, retail & restaurants (franchise promotions, grand openings)
        14. PS14 government / politics (informational sources, policy or program communications)
        15. PS15 healthcare products & services (prescription or OTC medications, first-aid products, home health aides)
        16. PS16 household (appliances, furniture, décor, pet products)
        17. PS17 media promotion (news programs, newspapers, magazines)
        18. PS18 personal items (apparel, accessories, personal care, cosmetics, toiletries)
        19. PS19 professional services (legal, accounting, technical support)
        20. PS20 retail stores (promotions, grand openings)
        21. PS21 sport & leisure (travel, recreation, toys, games, sporting goods)
        22. PS22 sports promotion (game day, special events, playoffs)
        23. PS23 utilities (power, conservation, public awareness)

      social benefit

        1. SB01 civic / social education
        2. SB02 environmental issues
        3. SB03 philanthropic appeals
        4. SB04 promotion of peace / human rights
        5. SB05 promotion of health & human services

      use of discipline

        1. UD01 branding
        2. UD02 corporate image
        3. UD03 design
        4. UD04 direct response
        5. UD05 integrated (mixed media)
        6. UD06 interactive
        7. UD07 low-budget (<$100,000 USD)
        8. UD08 media planning
        9. UD09 new product / service launch
        10. UD10 product placement
        11. UD11 promotions
        12. UD12 public relations
        13. UD13 sponsorship
        14. UD14 trade show

      use of medium

        1. UM01 branded entertainment
        2. UM02 collateral
        3. UM03 ebooks
        4. UM04 events
        5. UM05 games
        6. UM06 guerrilla / alternative media
        7. UM07 mobile / cellular / hand-held device
        8. UM08 online
        9. UM09 outdoor / transit / out-of-home
        10. UM10 point-of-purchase
        11. UM11 pop-up stores
        12. UM12 print
        13. UM13 radio
        14. UM14 social media
        15. UM15 social video
        16. UM16 tablets
        17. UM17 tv & cinema

  • 7. disposition of entry

    • Entries and materials submitted will not be returned and may be displayed, shown, duplicated, published or reproduced for educational and promotional purposes. By entering, the entrant agrees to hold The AME Awards and any of its affiliated companies exempt from any costs or expenses of any claim arising out of any such use by The AME Awards or any of its affiliated companies.

  • 8. awards

    • Winners will receive one award per entry (either a trophy or a certificate, depending on the final status the entry earns) with credits as detailed below. Additional trophies can be ordered from the AME Awards Store and can be personalized to recognize the contributions of individuals involved with the entry.

  • 9. technical guidelines

    • Accepted Formats

      • .jpg
      • .gif (only for material originally produced as GIFs)
      • .mov
      • .mp3
      • .pdf
      • Collateral (sending supporting material via post; see note below)
      • Website — Please provide the URL and log in (if one is required) if you use an outside website to display your support materials. Please be sure the website and login credentials are available throughout the entire judging period (through January 31, 2014).

      Uploading Supporting Material: File Size Under 2 Gigs

      If you do not upload your entries within the entry process at the end of Step 1, you will find a separate upload link for each of your pieces at the bottom of the invoice automatically emailed to you after checkout. Please be sure to upload all pieces.

      Audio Upload

      Standard MP3 format (MPEG-2 Audio Layer III), stereo or mono, 44.1 kHz, 16 bit sampling, minimum sample rate: 160 kbps. Please include a script of the piece in the translation field, even if it is in English.

      Image Upload

      .jpg file format, maximum quality, 300 dpi resolution in RGB color, 2000x3400 pixels (portrait or landscape).Note: .jpgs in CMYK format are NOT accepted.

      .pdf - Please use PDF version 1.5 or higher (generated by Adobe Acrobat Version 6 or higher.)

      Video Uploads

      All .mov videos must use H.264 compression. The audio must be encoded in Stereo using the MPEG 4/AAC compressor with 48 kHz 16 bit sampling.

      For SD files use the H.264 at Main Level compression profile. Acceptable frame rates: 25 fps (PAL); 29.97 fps (NTSC). Acceptable frame sizes: 720x576 for PAL; 720x486 for NTSC (both with rectangular pixels per ITU-R Recommendation BT.601). Ten bit video sources are preferred.

      For HD files use the H.264 at Main Level compression profile. Acceptable frame rates: 23.98p, 24p, 25p/50i, 29.97p/59.94i and 59.94p. Acceptable frame sizes: 1920x1080 and 1240x720.

      IMPORTANT: Please maintain the original frame rate and frame size of your source material. If you have any questions, please contact us at

      Websites And Online Advertising

      Not only can you submit websites as entries, you may also set up a web page with your supporting creative material instead of uploading it to our servers. Just provide the URL in the proper place on the entry form. The same technical requirements outlined above apply.

      IMPORTANT: The URL should lead directly to your entry and not require a password or login. All submitted URLs must be active from the time you submit your entry through December 2013. Please refrain from branding the page with the entering company’s logo.

      Uploading Supporting Material: File Size Over 2 Gigs

      To upload entry files larger than two gigs, you must have FTP software installed on your desktop. The same technical requirements outlined above apply. If you don’t have FTP software, here are three options we recommend (in order of preference) and links for download:

      • Cyberduck (Mac and PC):
      • Transmit (Mac):
      • FileZilla (Mac and PC):

      Follow these steps to prepare your entry submissions for upload via FTP:

      1. Create a folder on your desktop and name it with your NYF Invoice Number. Do not copy this folder onto the FTP.
      2. Name each individual piece with your NYF Item ID Number followed by a dash and the piece number (no spaces), and copy each entry submission piece into the folder. Please use only your Item ID Number and piece number to name your files—do not use any letters; use those numbers ONLY. This is the only way our system will recognize your pieces and match them to your entry.You may either clip the numbers from the invoice and attach, or write them directly on the piece.
        Example: NOT ACCEPTABLE
        123456-2.jpg EntryTitle123456-2.jpg
        123456-3.pdf AnythingOtherThanTheItemIDNumber123456-3.pdf
      3. Once you have created this folder and copied all pieces into it, log in to our FTP server using an FTP program (not a web browser). Log-in credentials will be provided in the email you will automatically receive after you check out.
      4. Copy each file from the folder to the FTP (remember: do not copy the folder itself). If you are uploading more than one file, the system will list them in a queue. You may enter additional submissions at another time.
      5. The FTP program will estimate how long it will take to upload your file and display a progress bar. Upload time varies based on its size, your internet connection, and web traffic.

      Note: Our file transfer system is secure. Once uploaded, no one—including yourself!—will be able to view your submissions. Because of this privacy protection, some FTP programs will display an error message when connecting. You may see “Failed to retrieve directory listing” or “Directory listing failed.” Please ignore these messages. They are only an indication that the privacy settings are working. If you wish to view your entry, please allow 72 hours after transfer and use the Upload Links found at the bottom of your invoice.

      If you use this option, we recommend that you follow the file size and formats above. Please remember to keep the links active through the entire process including the ceremony.

      Sending Supporting Material via Post

      We only accept online entry forms and strongly encourage you to upload all supporting material directly to our server, but if you have an item (giveaway, direct mail piece, point-of-purchase display, etc.) that does not lend itself to digital representation you may submit your supporting materials through the post.

      Every piece you submit via post must include the Item ID number found at the bottom of the invoice automatically generated and emailed to you at checkout. This is the only way we can match your work to your entry. You may either clip the numbers from the invoice and attach, or write them directly on the piece.

      You’ll get a mailing label to attach to the outside of the shipping carton. Please send labeled materials, along with your invoice and any outstanding fees, to:

      AME Awards c/o Your Awards Company
      260 West 39th Street, 10th Floor
      New York, NY 10018, U.S.A.
      Tel +1/212.643.4800

      IMPORTANT: Always use the labels or photocopies of them when shipping your entries. They contain important tracking information for our staff.

      All shipping costs, insurance, customs duties, and handling fees for all entries must be prepaid by the sender.

      We cannot assume responsibility for customs clearance. You will be notified by email when your entry has been processed.


      If your entry was not in English and does not include subtitles, please include an English translation. Please also include a transcript in English for any audio-only entries.

  • 10. credits

    • You may use any title you wish for the people involved in the creation of the work, but please be sure to include everyone so the entire team can be recognized on the web, in publications, in press releases, on our website, and in our showcasing venues. Customized personalized awards will be available immediately following the announcement of winners. Please see section 11, “Text Formatting,” for information on how to configure your credits.

      Character Limits

      When entering your credits, please be aware there is a maximum of 55 characters (letters, symbols, and spaces) allowed per line when using upper and lower case characters. If you use UPPER CASE CHARACTERS, the limit is 35 characters per line. You will be able to preview your credits before you move on to the next page.

      If you earn an award, all provided credits will be published on the website, but space limitations prevent full credits from being listed on trophies and Finalist Certificates (see “Trophy Credits,” below). Please review for accuracy, and list each credit only once—credits do not need to be repeated.

      Talent names and job titles must be in proper case (first letters of each word capitalized). Please do not use all capital or all lowercase letters. Do not use commas to separate first and last names or job titles. Do not abbreviate job titles unless necessary to adhere to character limits. If listing multiple names or titles, separate with slashes. A few examples:

      • John Doe, Creative Director
      • John Doe / Jane Doe, Creative Directors
      • Jane Doe, Creative Director / Art Director

      Credit Order

      Please enter your credits in order of rank, with the highest-ranking team member first.


      Trophies will feature five lines of credits, taken directly from your entry form:

      • Line 1: Entering Company
      • Line 2: Brand/Sponsor
      • Line 3: “Title of Entry”
      • Line 4: Category
      • Line 5: Year & Competition

      Certificate Credits

      Certificates feature all credits from lines 1-5 above, plus additional credits you supply for lines 5-10:

      • Line 1: Entering Company
      • Line 2: Brand/Sponsor
      • Line 3: “Title of Entry”
      • Line 4: Category
      • Line 5: Year & Competition
      • Line 6: Company and/or Person(s) Name(s) & Job Title(s)
      • Line 7: Company and/or Person(s) Name(s) & Job Title(s)
      • Line 8: Company and/or Person(s) Name(s) & Job Title(s)
      • Line 9: Company and/or Person(s) Name(s) & Job Title(s)
      • Line 10: Company and/or Person(s) Name(s) & Job Title(s)

      Website Credits

      The website will feature the full complement of credits you supplied:

      • Line 1: Entering Company
      • Line 2: Brand/Sponsor
      • Line 3: “Title of Entry”
      • Line 4: Category
      • Line 5: Year & Competition
      • Line 6: Company and/or Person(s) Name(s) & Job Title(s)
      • Line 7: Company and/or Person(s) Name(s) & Job Title(s)
      • Line 8: Company and/or Person(s) Name(s) & Job Title(s)
      • Line 9: Company and/or Person(s) Name(s) & Job Title(s)
      • Line 10: Company and/or Person(s) Name(s) & Job Title(s)
      • Line 11: Company and/or Person(s) Name(s) & Job Title(s)
      • Line 12: Company and/or Person(s) Name(s) & Job Title(s)
      • Line 13: Company and/or Person(s) Name(s) & Job Title(s)
      • Line 14: Company and/or Person(s) Name(s) & Job Title(s)
      • Line 15: Company and/or Person(s) Name(s) & Job Title(s)

      Credit Entry Assistance

      The AME Awards uses Your Awards Company, Inc. to process entries into our competitions, and we are delighted with the services they provide. They offer a unique service to our entrants: They will do the busywork of entering your credits for a nominal fee of $100 per entry. They also provide complete entering services, including uploading of your work. If you are interested in their services, send an email to

  • 11. text formatting

    • To better judge and showcase your work, please adhere to the following standards for text formatting.


      Proper case (first letters of each word capitalized) must be used in the title and brand name. Campaigns must be named with a single series title or with individual ad titles separated by slashes.

      • Single entry example:
      • Title of Entry
      • Campaign example:
      • Title One / Title Two
      • Campaign example with overall title:
      • Campaign Title: Title One / Title Two


      Submit client or brand web addresses ONLY.

      • Example:


      Include text in sentence case (first letter of each sentence capitalized). Do not use all capital or all lowercase letters. Please also include a transcript in English for any audio-only entries.

      • Example:
      • This entry was created to support the release of a movie. It was released worldwide.


Remember: We're here for you.

Contact Mike Grigaliunas in customer service (, or Hal Goldberg in processing ( if you need additional assistance or have any questions, concerns, or suggestions. You can also call us at +1 212-643-4800.


paper entry form

We do not accept offline entries, but many entrants have found having a printable form is useful as they prepare their work.