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2017 categories

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  • products & services

    • PS01 automotive (cars, motorcycles, RVs, parts, repairs, tires, accessories, fuel)
      PS19 olympics (2016 olympics)
      PS02 beverages, alcoholic (beer, wine, hard liquor)
      PS03 beverages, non-alcoholic (juice, soda, coffee, energy drinks)
      PS04 business-to-business (human resources, recruitment, skills assessment, accounting, technical support)
      PS05 children & teen (services, social media sites, outreach)
      PS06 corporate (image, information, recruitment, rebranding, internal communications)
      PS07 education (brick-and-mortar or online programs; language classes, instructional sessions)
      PS08 electronics, business machines (copiers, fax machines, telecommunications systems)
      PS09 electronics, consumer (phones, digital cameras, televisions, personal computers, MP3 players)
      PS10 entertainment / event promotion (concerts, parties, street fairs, cultural programs)
      PS11 financial services (banks, insurance, investment)
      PS12 food, non-retail (grocery items, baby food, snacks, confections)
      PS13 food, retail & restaurants (franchise promotions, grand openings)
      PS14 government / politics (informational sources, policy or program communications)
      PS15 healthcare products & services (prescription or OTC medications, first-aid products, home health aides)
      PS16 household (appliances, furniture, décor, pet products)
      PS17 luxury items (high-end products or services)
      PS18 media promotion (news programs, newspapers, magazines)
      PS20 personal items (apparel, accessories, personal care, cosmetics, toiletries)
      PS21 professional services (legal, accounting, technical support)
      PS22 real estate (homes, brokers, condominiums, contractors)
      PS23 retail stores (promotions, grand openings)
      PS24 sport & leisure (travel, recreation, toys, games, sporting goods)
      PS25 sports promotion (game day, special events, playoffs)
      PS26 technology (maps, professional services)
      PS27 utilities (power, conservation, public awareness)

  • social benefit

    • SB01 civic / social education
      SB02 environmental issues
      SB03 philanthropic appeals
      SB04 promotion of peace / human rights
      SB05 promotion of health & human services

  • use of discipline

    • UD01 augmented reality
      UD02 branding
      UD03 corporate image
      UD04 design
      UD05 direct response
      UD06 integrated (mixed media)
      UD07 interactive
      UD08 low-budget (<$100,000USD)
      UD09 media planning
      UD10 new product / service launch
      UD11 product placement
      UD12 promotions
      UD13 public relations
      UD14 social tv
      UD15 sponsorship
      UD16 technology
      UD17 trade show

  • use of medium

    • UM01 branded entertainment
      UM02 collateral
      UM03 events
      UM04 games
      UM05 guerrilla / alternative media
      UM06 mobile / cellular / hand-held device
      UM07 online
      UM08 outdoor / transit / out-of-home
      UM09 point-of-purchase
      UM10 pop-up stores
      UM11 print
      UM12 radio
      UM13 social media
      UM14 social video
      UM15 tablets
      UM16 tv & cinema
      UM17 website

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