Piece #1

Piece #1 - Don't give up!

Heimat Berlin
Finalist Certificate
Don't give up!
Consumer Products & Services
Healthcare Products & Services

Talent Credits

  1. Dr. Björn Schultheiss - Marketing Direction
  2. Anja Tillack - Advertising Direction
  3. Matthias von Bechtolsheim - Strategic Planning
  4. Mark Hassan - Account Executive
  5. Guido Heffels - Executive Creative Direction
  6. Myles Lord - Creative Direction
  7. Ole Vinck - Creative Direction
  8. Michael Dunlap, Matthias Walter - Art Direction
  9. Stephen Quell, Siyamak Seyedasgari - Copy
  10. Benjamin Mohr - Graphic Design
  11. Nico Beyer - Film Direction

Campaign Summary

Germany is getting fatter by the day. For the German fitness studio chain McFit, the societal problem has become hard business reality: In order to stay on the path of growth, it had to sell its services not only to sports people but to couch potatoes as well. But how could the brand encourage people who had otherwise turned their backs on the whole industry to come to McFit? McFit knew: It needed to reach people on a deeper human level. The idea: to show the world boxing champions Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko in an unexpected way - The Klitschkos became the FATschkos! A humorous story captured in an online short movie documentary with a simple message for XXL-Germany: “Never give up on yourself!” Due to its limited budget, McFit used Germany’s most popular newspaper and news website, BILD, as a catalyst for its online movie. And this approach paid off: BILD’s exclusive generated even more media buzz than anticipated. As a result, millions viewed the Fatschko movie leading to a 600% increase in traffic to McFit’s website. And Germany’s couch potatoes did show up in the McFit studios as well! McFit not only won ten times more new members than any of its competitors, it also welcomed its one millionth member - making McFit the number one fitness studio chain not only in Germany but right across Europe. (Please refer to the video case for more detailed information.)



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