Carl Bou Abdallah

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Strategy & Truth Central Manager– Fp7/Mena Lebanon


Carl Bou Abdallah is Fp7 Beirut’s (McCann MENA) senior brand planner. Starting off with marketing research, spending 4 years at UM Beirut and completing a Master’s degree in Marketing and communication from ESCP Europe, Carl has been an integral part of the agency’s brand, creative, and connections planning for Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan during the last 2 years.

Working on different types of accounts, he considers that the key to success in any communication strategy is plain old, sometimes annoying, curiosity.

His drive to find out how everything (and everyone) works put him in the perfect place to advise on the winning strategy for McDonald’s, L’Oreal, the banking sector and many other different categories of brands.

With his media knowledge and drive to know why everything functions the way it does, he helped in winning major regional and international awards for the work he was involved in.

His background and curiosity allowed him to best adapt the work to this age’s communication ecosystem and to best leverage the greatest power in communication nowadays; people. He believes that when people are considered as the strategy’s strongest media channel, any campaign can reach what Gladwell calls the Tipping point: spreading effortlessly on and off screens to reach the desired business or communication targets… as long as it talks to the right people, at the right time.

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