Ebaa Elmelik

Strategic Planning Director


Ebaa is Sudanese-American, grew up between the Gulf and USA, and now lives in Dubai. This unique blend of cultural backgrounds and deep understanding of psychology has been a guiding force in her work as a Strategic Planning Director. After graduating from the University of Iowa in the United States with a degree in Marketing, Ebaa moved to the Middle East and now has nearly a decade of Marketing and Communications experience in the region.

Her expertise includes a multitude of categories such as Telecom, Retail, Healthcare, Banking & Finance, Education, non-profits as well as advising on communication strategy for various governmental organizations.  
She joined J. Walter Thompson in 2015 as a Planning Director leading strategy on all accounts and new business pitches in the Doha operation, as well as leading the office's digital content arm. Currently, she is a highly sought-after strategic consultant working on a freelance basis with agencies and start-ups in Dubai.


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