Care Counts Program Cleans Up School Attendance

COMPANY: Ketchum & DigitasLBI

AWARD: Finalist

BRAND: Whirlpool Brand

TITLE: Care Counts Program Cleans Up School Attendance


CATEGORY: Promotion of Health & Human Services



Chelsey Lindstrom - Senior Brand Manager, Shopper Marketing, Whirlpool
Jennifer Tayebi - Brand Manager, Whirlpool Brand
Sarah Gates - VP/Group Manager, Ketchum Chicago
Alison Bruder - VP, Ketchum Chicago
Rachel Carlisle - Account Supervisor, Ketchum Chicago
Bill Beck - VP of Brand Marketing - North America, Whirlpool Corporation
Ryan Morand - Senior Brand Manager, Whirlpool Brand
Bill Zucker - Partner/Director, Ketchum Chicago
Kelsey McGovern - Account Executive, Ketchum Chicago
Stefani Duhon - Assistant Account Executive, Ketchum Chicago
Corinne Gudovic - Partner, Brand Practice, Ketchum Chicago
Lauren Sugarman - SVP, Strategic Planning Ketchum Chicago
Chad Parks - VP/Senior Media Specialist Ketchum Chicago
Patrick O'Donnell - Research Director Ketchum Chicago
Orin Puniello - Research Director Ketchum New York
Tui Rademaker - Account Coordinator Ketchum Chicago
Ally Geoffrey - Account Coordinator Ketchum Chicago
Rhianna Stepien - Account Coordinator Ketchum Chicago
Ronald NG - Chief Creative Officer, DigitasLBi North America
Morgan Carroll - Executive Creative Director, DigitasLBi Chicago
Mike Frease - Group Creative Director, DigitasLBi Chicago
Louie Calvano - Creative Director, DigitasLBi Chicago
Chris Jansma - Associate Creative Director, DigitasLBi Chicago
Bryan Haupt - Senior Art Director, DigitasLBi Chicago
James Collins - Senior Art Director, DigitasLBi Chicago
Samantha Bordignon - Senior Copywriter, DigitasLBi Chicago
David Plant - Lead Experience Designer, DigitasLBi Chicago
Greg Lederer - Executive Producer, DigitasLBi Chicago
Kristine Kobe - Account Director, DigitasLBi Chicago
Julie Wisniewski - Account Manager, DigitasLBi Chicago
Brian Sherwell - Group Director Creative Strategy, DigitasLBi Chicago
Rachael Datz - Associate Director Social Strategy, DigitasLBi Chicago
Caitlin Finn - Account Director Media, DigitasLBi Chicago
Ryanne Donnellon - Media Supervisor, DigitasLBi Chicago
Samantha Harvey - Media Planner, DigitasLBi Chicago
C41 Media - Production Company
Mai Iskander - Director & Director of Photography
Carla Tate - Executive Producer/Line Producer
Cutters, - Editing House
Kathryn Hempel - Editor
Emily Tolan - Editor
Patrick Casey - Producer
Another Country - Audio Mix
David Gerbowski - Mixer


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