Millennials for Martial Law


COMPANY: TBWA Santiago Mangada Puno

AWARD: AME Silver Medallion

BRAND: Campaign Against the Return of the Marcoses to Malacañang (CARMMA)

TITLE: Millennials for Martial Law

COUNTRY: Phiiippines

CATEGORY: Civic / Social Education



MELVIN MANGADA  -  Chief Creative Officer

JOEY DAVID-TIEMPO -  Executive Creative Director

CHINO JAYME  -  Creative Director

PORTIA CATUIRA  -  Managing Director

RYAN RUBILLAR  -  Associate Creative Director

RAM MENDOZA  -  Associate Creative Director

MIELE DUNGO  -  Account Manager

KAYE ENRIQUEZ  -  Data and Platforms Director

NOLAN FABULAR -  Associate Creative Director

SUNNY LUCERO  -  Producer

EMILIE BATARD  -  Director

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