Behind The Numbers


BRAND:  OVK / PEVR (Parents of Road Victims)

CATEGORY: Audio/Radio

COMPANY: Happiness/An FCB Alliance



Geoffrey Hantson - Chief Creative Officer
Philippe Fass - Creative Director
Roxane Schneider - Concept Provider
Pieter Claeys - Concept Provider
Karen Corrigan - Executive Creative Officer
Mateus Mroszczak - Creative Director
Katrien Bottez - Senior Creative Coach
Hans Smets - Group Account Director
Tine Van Hasselt - Account Manager
Remke Faber - Head of Motion
Karlien Huygels - Motion Designer
Lisa Gadeyne - DOP
Sumi Arcos Mina - DOP
Peter Baert - Radio Director
Jérôme Gijsen - Radio Producer
Liesbeth Demolder - Radio Producer
Anthony Kisters - Advertising Manager at IP Belgium