Mental Health is Health



CATEGORY: Promotion of Health & Human Services  

COMPANY: Zulu Alpha Kilo



Zak Mroueh - Chief Creative Officer
Catherine Allen - Creative Director / Art Director
Ian Simpson - Creative Director / Writer
Ryan Booth - Design Director
Jon Webber - Creative Director
Marcelo Mariano - Associate Creative Director
Manali Kulkarni - Art Director
Dylan Verwey - Writer
Jack Curtis - Designer
Jac Benoit - Agency Producer
Teresa Bayley - Agency Producer
Tim Hopkins - Strategy Team
Sean Bell - Strategy Team / Brand Innovation Director
Heidi Philip - Strategy Team
Mike Sutton - Account Team
Rob Feightner - Account Team
Hilary Roberts - Account Team
Violet Karbalaei - Account Team
Eric Kormos - Account Team
Anna Harju - Studio Artist
Danielle Donadio - Client
Lori Spadorcia - Client
Robin Rowe - Client
Rino La Grassa - Client
Trina Klink - Client
Dr. Ivan Silver - Client
Dr. Damian Jankowicz - Client
UM - Media Agency
Kate Mateer - Media Agency Planner
Emily Strongitharm - Media Agency Planner
Untitled Films - Production House
Caitlin Cronenberg - Director
Lexy Kavluk - Executive Producer
Jennifer Walker - Line Producer
Kris Bonnell - Director of Photography
Ground Glass Media - Casting Facility
Andrew Deiters - Casting Director
Zulubot - Production House
Barbara Shearer - Director
Jenna Peel - Production Manager
James Arthurs - Director of Photography
Zulubot - Editorial Company
Cary Smith - Director of Content
Marissa Bergougnou - Editor
Jay Baker - Editor
Kaisa Pitsi - Editor
Max Lawlor - Assistant Editor
Robbie Haring - Assistant Editor
Jarvis Alston - Assistant Editor
Stephen Stepanic - Engineer