New York, NY | August 01, 2019


The AME Awards competition honors not just campaigns that are creative, but campaigns that hit the bullseye for brands, triumphing in both creativity and effectiveness and AME’s Grand Jury are the genius minds behind many of AME’s award-winning entries.

AME’s Grand Jury is the powerhouse behind the prestigious AME Awards, their high standard of excellence ensures that AME’s 25-year legacy is upheld and respected globally both by winners and industry reports measuring creative distinction. Their dedication result in truly award-worthy work being recognized

Diday Alcudia, brings 24 years of advertising expertise to the 2019 AME Grand Jury. As Dentsu Jayme Syfu’s Chief Strategic Planner she leads the development of strategies and generates relevant insights for all major brands and newbiz pitches, both for above-the-line and digital throughout her career she’s worked with a robust variety of clients including: FMCGs like P&G and Unilever, telco, petroleum, automotive and banking to alcohol, milk, food and even construction provides

In 1993, Diday started at Ace Saatchi & Saatchi as an Account Manager and then moved to Strategic Planning in 2000. She had a brief stint with BBDO Guerrero Ortega as a Strategic Planning Consultant before joining DM9 Jayme Syfu in 2005 as its lone planner for 10 years, eventually growing the department to thrice its size.

In the interview below Diday shares her creative process, why’s she’s onboard to judge this year, advice for entrants and the philosophy that inspires her.


AME Awards: AME’s winners and entrants are behind some of the most innovative leading-edge creative work on the planet that delivers the most impactful result. Tell us about your process of creating and delivering creative and effective results. Are your ideas inspired or do they come together as the result of a collective brainstorming session with your team?

Diday Alcudia:  Creating creative campaigns that deliver results must come from a relevant consumer insight. Sometimes though, it’s difficult to get to a fresh consumer insight, and that’s where creativity comes in. I am very lucky to be working with some of the greatest creatives in the industry who also understand the business needs and who work hard to understand the consumer.


AME Awards: Why are effectiveness competitions like the AME Awards important?

Diday Alcudia: Effectiveness competitions like the AME Awards is important because it gives value to both effectiveness and creativity. Oftentimes, effectivity is the only measure. But AME Awards gives importance to the insights and the creativity of the ideas, which essentially delivers the results. And so, for me, this makes winning an AME Award more difficult as well as more rewarding. In addition, the AME Awards shows our Clients that creativity and effectiveness are not mutually exclusive. So, while their primary goal is results, this shows them that results can be achieved through insightful creativity.


AME Awards: Why did you agree to participate on this year’s AME Grand Jury and What do you hope to learn by viewing entries into this competition?

Diday Alcudia:  It’s always an honor to be invited to be part of the AME Grand Jury. Viewing entries from different countries is a huge learning experience – about different cultures, new approaches to old problems, imaginative thinking to provide innovative solutions through different platforms. It also allows us to measure and calibrate ourselves against competition, inspiring us to do better campaigns and write better entries.


AME Awards: What advice or guidelines would you give to potential entrants on earning an AME Award?

Diday Alcudia: Keep it simple. Judges need to go through hundreds of entries. And to be honest, if you can’t state your case clearly and concisely, then the whole idea tends to come across as equally convoluted. State what the objective is. Explain who the target market is and the context of the campaign, and why your approach works for this target audience. Describe your campaign clearly. And finally, show accurate results – we can see through the BS 😉  


AME Awards: What philosophy or iconic individual inspires you in both your career and life?

Diday Alcudia: #TRUTH – At work it’s about being true to what the consumer thinks, feels, needs. And about being true to the brand’s values and benefits. In life, being true to one’s self and others, even if it’s hard, even if it hurts.