Caio Barsotti, President, CENP

Effective Perspective Spotlight interview: Caio Barsotti, President, CENP & AME Advisory Council Member

Effective Perspective shines the spotlight on AME Advisory Council member, Caio Barsotti President of CENP. Caio leads CENP, Brazil's self-regulatory organization formed by the most important national entities of advertisers, advertising agencies and communication vehicles.

New York, NY | March 03, 2021

Caio Barsotti is President of CENP Brazil. He brings years of experience to his role as AME Advisory Council member having worked at numerous Brazilian agencies such as Salles, Almap and DPZ, and in vehicles such as Lance newspaper, Rádio Scala FM, TV Sorocaba (SBT TV affiliate) and Yahoo. In 2006, he took over the commercial board of the 8 television stations of Rede Paranaense de Comunicação-RPC (Globo TV Affiliates), prior to joining CENP-

Effective Perspective spent some time with Caio and invited him to share this thoughts on why CENP was formed, what guidelines CENP provides during these disruptive times, how the organizations enables competition and  fosters evolution, how effectiveness competitions help set the standad of excellenc within the industry and much more.

AME Effective Perspective: Why did you agree to participate on the AME Advisory Council?

Caio Barsotti: People really matter. You can have data and powerful tools, but without talented people you most probably will lose advertising investments.

NYF’s AME Awards is the one of most important festivals celebrating creative effectiveness that also rewards the talent, so I’m proud to be part of AME's Advisory Council.

AME Effective Perspective: Tell us why CENP was formed and why is it an important organization?

Caio Barsotti: In a few words, CENP is now 22 years old and means “Conselho Executivo das Normas-Padrão.  As a self-regulation an organization, is formed by the most important national entities of advertisers, advertising agencies and communication vehicles, CENP was created to develop best practices to promote a healthy, transparency, safe and harmonic advertising environment in Brazil. Find out more at

AME Effective Perspective: As President of CENP, please define what guidelines CENP provides agencies with during these very disruptive times.

Caio Barsotti: Advertising business model in Brazil has their pillars based on the federal laws and the best practices are on the market hands by self-regulation.

Self-regulation commercial ethics rules are constantly in movement, trying to face the challenges brought by the society transformation and give some directions to players to work in compliance with our federal laws.

Formed by a council that congregates more than 40 business leaders, 3 technical committees and eventually specifics task forces or study groups, all of them dedicated to market questions, CENP generates guidelines that improve the commercial relationship in advertising business players. At CENP website stands 3 films, translated in English and Spanish, that explain easily and better about our business environment.

AME Effective Perspective: How does CENP’s Executive Council enable competition and evolution among companies, brands, products, and services?

Caio Barsotti: Through ethical guidelines that intends to preserve main industry players interests.

AME Effective Perspective: What types of professional organizations within Brazil are in support of CENP?

Caio Barsotti: It’s an interesting question, as a matter of fact.

CENP is a business organization, but professionals’ entities also realized that our business model and CENP itself provide support for a better career development, so there are 8 associations that also support and help CENP to promote best practices.

AME Effective Perspective: How diverse is your members group in terms of services and which segments of the industry are they from? 

Caio Barsotti: Basically, they come from advertising agencies, advertisers and vehicles. All of them are hands on, some are board leaders and C level, others from technical areas. All ages, all genders, fortunately

AME Effective Perspective: How do advertising/marketing awards that focus exclusively on Effectiveness, like AME help set the standard of excellence within the industry?

Caio Barsotti: Every day we wake up dreaming how to find ways to get more and better results, besides we love to compete, so ... be recognized, win a prize, be a creative reference, case study AME Award is a sum of all this and leverges everybody ahead.