New York, NY | August 01, 2019


The AME Awards honors not just campaigns that are creative, but campaigns that hit the bullseye for brands, triumphing in both creativity and effectiveness and AME’s Grand Jury are the genius minds behind many of AME’s award-winning entries.

AME’s Grand Jury is the powerhouse behind the prestigious AME Awards, their high standard of excellence insures that AME’s 25-year legacy is upheld and respected globally both by winners and industry reports measuring creative distinction. Their dedication results in truly award-worthy work being recognized.

Grand Jury member Joseph Dubruque started his career as one of the first creatives hired by Fred & Farid to launch Marcel Paris in 2005, then FF Creative Community in 2007. Within 4 years, his work on Orangina, Orange,, Coca-Cola, Diesel and Wrangler went worldwide and grabbed several international awards, including a first Bronze Lion in Film at Cannes, and wood pencil for craft at D&AD in London.

Then he spent 5 years in agencies such as Havas City (previous name of Rosapark) and La Chose, participating in creative and strategic repositionings on brands like Monoprix, Thalys or Skoda.

Eventually, in 2015, he arrived at Herezie Group in duo with Axel Didon.  One year later, joined by Raphael Stein, they now form a trio of Associate Creative Directors. Their work on Google Cloud (The Biography of Tomorrow), Handicap International (#BodyCantWait) & David Lynch Foundation (Sounds of Trauma) hitted around 50 national and international awards in less than 3 years, including 5 more Cannes Lions (1 Gold, 1 silver, 3 bronze), 2 more D&AD pencils (1 Graphite, 1 Wood), and a bunch of Golds at Clio, Eurobest, One Show, Epica etc.


AME Awards: AME’s winners and entrants are behind some of the most innovative leading-edge creative work on the planet that delivers the most impactful result. Tell us about your process of creating and delivering creative and effective results. Are your ideas inspired or do they come together as the result of a collective brainstorming session with your team?

Joseph Dubruque: With my 2 partners Axel Didon and Raphael Stein we developed a way of thinking ideas to drive efficiency: Simplicity, iconicity & scale. Simplicity - What is the one-line PRable catch phrase of your idea? Efficiency is about to make sure you intercept your audience exactly where they are with no effort from them. That’s why big ideas must be easily sum-up-able by anyone exposed to it. The more sum-up-able it is, the more shareable it gets.  Iconicity - On the top of that, we always recommend to be iconic. At least we must be able to measure the potential of iconicity. People always look for reference, they will always prefer something or someone they can refer to. Sometimes, the brand or the product is iconic enough by itself. If it’s not, it’s good to rely on strong references or numerous things people share in common.  Scale - This last part is essential, but budget centered. Here comes the part of the execution, here comes the moment to make the best choices that will amplify your idea. Scale is all about how much you want the world to see it. 

AME Awards: Why are effectiveness competitions like the AME Awards important?

Joseph Dubruque: Those efficiency-based competitions are more than important. I’ve never missed any Euro Effies’ palmares, as I did appreciate so much the creation of the Effectiveness category at Cannes Lions. Efficiency is about long-lasting results, in times which never ran so fast. It’s the perfect cross between wisdom and creation. Whatever the service, the product, or the cause, efficiency should be the only reward we should look for, and only award we should fight for. 

AME Awards: Why did you agree to participate on this year’s AME Grand Jury and What do you hope to learn by viewing entries into this competition?

Joseph Dubruque: The model of the Grand Jury, 100% online, is quite appealing because it helps keeping a real neutrality in judgement. I like this approach. It asks for time and wisdom to pick the most effective and groundbreaking ideas of the year. This is why I instantaneously agreed to jump in. 

AME Awards: What is your all time, favorite most creative and effective ad and/or ads (share the link or a visual) and why in your opinion did they triumph?

Joseph Dubruque: Fearless girl has shifted all my expectations in term of creativity and effectiveness. And we all know the reasons. Efficiency as it best doesn’t come with explanations.

AME Awards: In your personal work what are the hallmarks of creative and strategic success? What campaign or campaigns are you most proud of?

Joseph Dubruque: You know you’ve released a powerful commercial, when it helped the Marketing Director to become Chief Officer in less than 1 year and half, due to the results. This is the true story of my Orangina Naturally Juicy ad made with Fred & Farid. 

AME Awards: What is one secret of your success that no one knows about you (till now)?

Joseph Dubruque: With my partners Axel Didon and Raphael Stein, we believe in a helping divinity named Adelaine. Nothing more can be said.