New York, NY | August 01, 2019


AME’s Grand Jury is the powerhouse behind the prestigious AME Awards, their high standard of excellence ensures that AME’s 25-year legacy is upheld and respected globally both by winners and industry reports measuring creative distinction. Their dedication result in truly award-worthy work being recognized.

2019 AME Grand Jury member Jeremy Daly brings over 15 years of advertising experience to the jury panel. He has led integrated planning teams at Ogilvy, Havas, Wieden and Y&R. Most recently, he led the strategic repositioning of The Alaska Airlines & Virgin America brands as well as continuing to lead Charles Schwab ‘Own Your Tomorrow’ which won a bronze Effie in 2018.

Jeremy led the repositioning of Virgin Atlantic which led to their best business results to date. Before Y&R, Jeremy worked on Delta at Wieden, developing the brief evolving Keep Climbing. Jeremy loves the mix of brands, culture and technology. While he’s been in the industry for over a decade, he’s been focused on planning and strategy for the last seven years. He is currently the Head of Strategy at Mekanism San Francisco.


AME Awards: Why are effectiveness competitions like the AME Awards important?

Jeremy Daly: The world needs creativity more than ever. But creativity only matters when it can lead to change and when it can make a difference. We all need to get behind ideas that create change. Creativity without impact doesn't move anything forward. The AME Awards is a great platform to identify and hold up the ideas that have impact.

AME Awards: Why did you agree to participate on this year’s AME Grand Jury and What do you hope to learn by viewing entries into this competition?

Jeremy Daly: It's always inspiring to see great creative ideas that made an impact. There are so many different ways to solve business and brand problems, I'm looking forward to being surprised by the unexpected and brilliant solutions.

AME Awards: What is your all time, favorite most creative and effective ad and/or ads (share the link or a visual) and why in your opinion did they triumph?

Jeremy Daly: Difficult to pick one. But I'd go with Chrysler's Super Bowl spot with Eminem ('Born of Fire').  The spot unlocked a deeper unspoken truth about America and luxury. The spot asked people to question everything they thought they knew about Chrysler and luxury, and it worked. Creating that spot on that stage was an incredibly courageous move and it was rewarded with immediate, dramatic results.  

AME Awards: What is one secret of your success that no one knows about you ('til now)?

Jeremy Daly: If I had one, I wouldn't give it away so easily. 

AME Awards: What philosophy or iconic individual inspires you in both your career and life?

Jeremy Daly: Question everything, especially the parts that people don't think need questioning. We all have conventions to how we think and see the world. Questioning those is often where a new idea or approach can start to answer a stubborn problem.