Nélson Gomez Coelho, Director of New Business Development, White Rabbit Budapest

AME Grand Jury POV: Nélson Gomez Coelho

2021 AME Grand Jury member Nélson Gomez Coelho is passionate about business success. As Director of New Business Development , he helps his clients and agency, White Rabbit Budapest with innovative ways to push boundaries and give purpose and relevance to brands in today's evolving market.

New York, NY | March 31, 2021

The AME Awards honor campaigns that hit the bullseye for brands, triumphing in both creativity and effectiveness. AME's respected Grand Jury members are commited to creative innovation and strategic excellence. Their high standard of excellence and global perspective ensure entries are reviewed with utmost attention and based on an international view of industry standards and trends.

2021 AME Grand Jury member Nélson Gomez Coelho brings years of industry experience to the jury panel and is passionate about business success.He helps his clients and agency, White Rabbit Budapest with innovative ways to push boundaries and give purpose and relevance to brands in today's evolving market. Prior to joining White Rabbit Budapest Nélson collected a diverse range of experience that's beneficial in building a successful agency.

In the interview below,  Nélson shares his perspective on what he looks for in award-winning work, the role of AI and big data within the industry today, creative trends that came into play during Covid and much more.

AME Awards: What outstanding qualities do you recognize as a Business Development Director in the award-winning creative effective advertising?

Nélson Gomez Coelho: Probably it’s not surprising: originality, honesty, purpose and measurable business success.

AME Awards: Why are effectiveness competitions like the AME Awards important?

Nélson Gomez Coelho: Awards have their relevance in the market. Effectiveness competitions, like AME Awards, put the focus on what really matters: Which communication measures are demonstrably successful? And finally: what will the investments in marketing communication bring? It sets the benchmark for successful marketing and provides inspiration and know-how for many market participants.

AME Awards: How has the brand's voice changed since measures taken to contain the pandemic? During COVID, talk about brand positioning, values, and tone of voice.

Nélson Gomez Coelho: It has already changed and it’s still changing in many ways.

Brands need to present with empathy and transparency. People feel vulnerable right now. So, empathy is critical. The nuances of brand voice are more delicate than ever. Brands that use this time to be commercially exploitative will not fare well.

Brands need to use media in more agile ways. To quickly pivot creative messages as circumstances change, marketers will want to build more rapid-response operating models. Beyond creative, as the mix of actual media platforms used by consumers changes quickly, marketers should consider modifying their media mix.

Brands needs to be associated with good. People will remember brands for their acts of good in a time of crisis, particularly if done with a true heart and generosity. This could take the form of donating to food banks, providing free products for medical personnel, or continuing to pay employees while the company’s doors are closed.

AME Awards: What will advertising look like next year? Which brands have evolved and been successful this year and why?

Nélson Gomez Coelho: Due to the global crisis and social restrictions, advertising will develop rapidly in a digital way. Here, however, new and creative thinking is particularly important in order not to lose the effect of the message, as this channel of digital advertising will be overcrowded and here it is important not to follow the general path but to transform the ordinary into the unusual.

AME Awards: Which innovations are changing the way agencies create for brands or bring new products to market? Are big data and AI playing an even bigger role today?

Nélson Gomez Coelho: We are only at the beginning of big data and AI. The journey in marketing is sure to be shaped by these innovations and technological advances will definitely affect our industry as well. It is still important to keep the focus on the individual despite the constantly growing development, because no matter how much our technology develops, in the end we are all human and live our dreams.

AME Awards: What new creative trends have come into play to achieve creative and effective results?

Nélson Gomez Coelho: In 2021, the position of content marketing in the marketing mix will consolidate even further. Anyone who cannot convince with good content will not be perceived as an expert and cannot build trust online. The consequence of a lack of content marketing is therefore irrelevance and that can dictate the market as to who leaves and who stays. No matter what new media, formats, tools and trends emerge: only those who keep an eye on their target group and understand their customer journey can start in the right place and turn the trends into a real competitive advantage for 2021.

AME Awards: Media consumption has changed dramatically. How has this affected the marketing mix?

Nélson Gomez Coelho: Internet usage has increased enormously since the beginning of the Corona crisis. Reasons for this are in addition to the population's immense need for information about the pandemic, also because of being forced to stay at home during the shutdown. Media consumption and communication are relocated to the internet where a number of offline activities are no longer available. Overall, the following applies: advertisers will no longer be able to afford habitual bookings with high wastage in the foreseeable future. The media mix of many companies will be significantly more digital after the crisis.

AME Awards: Which media will take the lead in 2021 and which will take a back seat?

Nélson Gomez Coelho: Digital channels will continue to have a higher share in the media mix of companies in 2021. The main winners are search engines, social networks and audio / video platforms, traditional media will be left behind.

AME Awards: Why did you agree to participate in this year's AME Grand Jury and what would you like to learn by participating in this competition?

Nélson Gomez Coelho: For me it was not a question but a great honor to be part of the AME Grand Jury. I am fascinated by the effectiveness of our message and especially in this age of digital communication it is exciting for me to see how advertising & marketing is developing.

AME Awards: What advice or guidelines would you give potential entrants in order to receive an AME Award?

Nélson Gomez Coelho: Define your goals and show the market that you have evolved. Strengthen competitive mentality. You have to step into the ring with conviction and want to win.