Demian Campos, Founder & CCO, Wings

AME Grand Jury POV: Demian Campos

2021 AME Grand Jury member Demian Campos is Founder & CCO of the Wings agency in Venezuela, he brings years of creative experience and industry perspective to the jury panel.

New York, NY | March 31, 2021

The AME Awards honors campaigns that are creative and results-driven, triumphing in both creativity and effectiveness. The 2021 Grand Jury of globally respected, award-winning executives bring innovation, industry expertise, and a 360-degree global perspective to the judging panel.

2021 AME Grand Jury member Demian Campos is Founder & CCO of the Wings agency in Venezuela, he brings years of creative experience and industry perspective to the jury panel. He studied in Rio de Janeiro where he began his career as an Advertising Creative. Always very curious, he had experiences in different markets such as Brazil, Venezuela (current country), Spain and Panama.

AME Awards: As a strategic creative, what stand-out attributes do you recognize in award-winning creative effective advertising?

Demian Campos: The strategy and the original always bring significant results in the effectiveness of advertisers. If you want normal results, do normal advertising and go up 3 points in sales. If you take a risk and do something disruptive, prepare to go up more than 20 points in sales.

AME Awards: Why are effectiveness competitions like the AME Awards important?

Demian Campos: They are important to agency clients. If your client raises sales it is much more wonderful if he wins prizes with something that made him earn more money. The agency earns in reputation and the advertiser in money. A magic formula.

AME Awards: How has the brand’s voice changed since the pandemic confinement measures? Speak to the evolution of brand positioning, values, and tone of voice during COVID.

Demian Campos: After the Covid, we began to assess issues that we did not value before. The family was strengthened together, we learned to understand the importance of being together and technology helped us survive. We became more human, brands and people and this changed the conversations between them.

AME Awards: What will advertising look like next year? What brands have evolved and succeeded during this year and why?

Demian Campos: Those who were most humanized will triumph. Those who were most concerned about our environment. Those who established a dialogue with the greatest resemblance to our families and put sales aside.

AME Awards: What innovations are changing the way agencies create on behalf of brands or launch new products?  Does big data and AI play an even bigger role today?

Demian Campos: The new platforms make this moment a great moment for advertising. We have many more channels to dialogue with people. Big data is paramount, but it will always be much more powerful, with a great idea behind it.

AME Awards: What new creative trends have come into play this to deliver creative and effective results?

Demian Campos: Artificial intelligence and digital innovation make both agencies and advertisers mutate to better effectiveness in their results. It is the main differentiator.

AME Awards: Media consumption has changed dramatically how has this affected the marketing mix?

Demian Campos: Before we bought spaces. Now there is a democratization of the use of spaces. Any medium is powerful and it's free. Digital media began to have unprecedented value and reach. You just have to know how to use them and it can be a big bam for any brand.

AME Awards: What mediums will take the lead in 2021 and what will take a backseat?

Demian Campos: Digital media will undoubtedly take the lead. Although I continue to defend that a good idea is one that designates the medium to be used and it will not cease to be powerful no matter where you navigate.

AME Awards: Why did you agree to participate on this year’s AME Grand Jury and What do you hope to learn by viewing entries into this competition?

Demian Campos: It is not only interesting to see pure creativity. It is interesting to see how creativity makes advertisers emerge alongside agencies. It is a win-win between ideas and advertisers.

AME Awards: What is your all time, favorite most creative and effective ad and/or ads (share the link or a visual) and why in your opinion did they triumph?

Demian Campos: I always loved the Sony Bravia Balls commercial. I always expose it at conferences as something that was not just a big publicity stunt. It's something that people love. I particularly listen and watch it because it relaxes and inspires me.

AME Awards: What advice or guidelines would you give to potential entrants on earning an AME Award?

Demian Campos: Results that inspire other brands. Many brands are concerned with only selling and this transforms them into sellers of merchandise. It is very important to grow as a brand and as a business.